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Exclusive Interview With The Chairman Of The Teens Network Daytime Show

Welcome to the #VoiceinspiresInterviews readers, yesterday, we had the opportunity to interview a very awesome personality who is building a brand around a sect of people that is most ignored in the society- Teenagers.

Dedayo Adeloye, is an influencer, Couturier, Lifestyle photographer and the Chairman of The Teens Network Daytime Show which is working her way into becoming the biggest Teens Radio show in the world.
Here's what our interview with him looked like:

"VoiceInspires: Welcome on set with me Sir.
Shall we meet you?

Mr. Dedayo: My name is Adedayo Adeloye, the Chairman & Chief executive of “The Teens Network Daytime Show ®”
I'm an Influencer, a Couturier & a lifestyle photographer

VoiceInspires: Chairman😁😁😁
Good to have you here Chairman.
What's a Couturier?

Mr. Dedayo: Thank you ma'am. A couturier is another word for a fashion designer.
I just love to be unique with how I do things.

VoiceInspires: Okay.
New word learnt todayπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Thank you for that
Whats the Teens Network daytime show about?

Mr. Dedayo: The Teens Network Daytime Show is built for everyday teens doing something extraordinary to benefit others, the Teens Network Daytime Show is designed for teens who is taking the challenges they are facing & turning it into a way to help other people.

Teenagers who experience a distressing or frightening event are often concerned by these strong emotions. Despite the fact that these reactions usually subside as a part of the body’s natural healing and recovery process, it is important for parents or guardians to understand the ways in which a teenager manages distress and trauma so they can support and help the young person. Teenagers can also be deeply upset by local, national or international tragedies, or trauma that affects their friends.
I came up with this platform where teenagers can share the challenges they face and also share solutions to the problems.

VoiceInspires: Wow
This is so amazing.

Mr. Dedayo: However, we don't want to bore our audience with just trying to solve problems on the show.
We also have some other segments, I mean segment that brings live to the show.

VoiceInspires: Segments like?

Mr. Dedayo: The Soul Food at Twilight Segment - - is a segment that encourages our audience of all ages (That's my segment, and its the very first segment you get to listen to on the show).
Ask the Crew Segment - A segment that gives our audience the opportunity to ask any of our crew questions on air.
The Teen Strawberry Letter - A segment that offers help to all troubled soul (I'm talking about the Teens). We help solve their problems with the help of our Pro-Counsellors.
The Health Wise Segment- A Segment we get to bring in aspiring teen doctors, who are ready to dish out tips to living a healthy life. I mean if we really want to lead we must be healthy to lead others.
The Teen CEOs -  a segment that wants to showcase & interview teens who are involved in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, investing, inventing and other activities to explore their passion.
There are other segments that are yet to be aired because we don't have enough hosts on board but I came up with the segments anyway and the segments include-
The TeenCHEFs - a segment that brings on the show teens who’s got some weird twist on dishes. There are great Teen CHEFs out there you know nothing about.
The Teen SPOTLIGHT Segment - A segment that’s all about bringing teens with any achievement to the spotlight every week.

VoiceInspires: This is a whole lot.
How do you cope with coming up with all of this and making sure they work?

Mr. Dedayo: Yeah, The idea didn't just pop up in one day.

VoiceInspires: Okay.
Can we know what all these were birthed from?

Mr. Dedayo: It's been a while I've been doing this...
The Show was inspired by God through my late boss -The Popular Chaz Bruce Chukuma (CHAZ B) of Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B on 92.3 Inspiration FM and later moved to Rhythm FM 93.7.
I lived with him for 2 and a half years, but he later passed on November 22nd 2014.
I was at his house when it happened. To cut the long story short - I worked with him closely on his show so I had an idea of how a radio show run.
Months later, we tried to push his dream further, but few months later I had to leave because things were not going too well. I packed my belongings, zoomed off to my Father's House.
I had nothing left - and sincerely I was broke and months later - I had a vision from God to start this platform.
God speaks in different styles, through vision, through words of mouth, through thoughts and all.
I got exactly what I wanted to do on the show - but the weird part was I didn't know what to call it.
There was no "The Teens Network Daytime Show" then so I decided to tag my show The Teens Network Daytime Show.

VoiceInspires: Amazing.

Mr. Dedayo: The inspiration for the show came when I looked at the young adults in my community, I grew up in the hood, I couldn’t afford to go to college and in the hood a whole lot of young adults go through emotional and psychological imbalances with no one listening and it seems everyone is busy and not paying attention to the coming generation.
Even on Cable TVs, What TV Channels do we have with focus on Teens?
On Cable TVs, we only have Kids Channels & a whole bunch of channels for Adults.

After getting my content ready, figuring the name was not easy as I thought of bunch of stupid names and when I finally figured the Teens Network Daytime Show, I  immediately I got it secured with the government.
The idea of the show is, apart from helping out Teens emotionally and psychologically, to be a Radio platform basically for teens.
I don’t mind it being the only platform that allows Teens in the media world.
We're using it to create JOBs for Teens during summer and other holidays.

VoiceInspires: This is impressive.
How long has this show been on?

Mr. Dedayo: It's been on for months but it's going to be a year old by January.
It's the same day as my birthday.

VoiceInspires: You're working on something spectacular and it'd be in line with our core values to support this.
It'll also be awesome for anyone, especially from our audience, to support this.

Mr. Dedayo: I think it's really God, God's got the credit, he just dumped on me these ideas without looking at my background.
Looking at my background, Madam Voice, If I were God and I were to choose exactly who to dump these ideas on - I'd rather choose someone who's well to do. I mean, I had zero knowledge about radio scriptwriting, I’d never gone for any voice over trainings & I had no idea of how to edit or tape the shows, but by God’s grace, I've been  producing my shows every weekend mornings with no professional help.
I sat & still sit down with a laptop and edit the recordings of the show myself.

VoiceInspires: YaaayπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
God never leaves His own.
Well done.

Mr. Dedayo: Thanks ma'am.

VoiceInspires: Is it an online show?

Mr. Dedayo: For now ma'am, It's an online show. But plans are on ground to move the show to another level and that's what we've been working on.

VoiceInspires: Beautiful, that means our audience will get the chance to listen to the show then😁😁😁

Mr. Dedayo Oh! Yes.
They can always tune in via our official website to catch up on past episodes. www.iamttnstv.com/radio
And if they would love to catch the show live online - They can tune in to "The Kingdom  Influencers Broadcast (Atlanta Georgia)" every weekend mornings.
http://www.kingdominfluencersbroadcast.com/ and like I said before, we look forward to expanding our distribution channels. We are working towards developing & owning our own mobile app (By God's Grace) - I can't say when but I trust God for this
Part of the Steps I've taken is writing the business plan.

VoiceInspires: By distribution channels, what do you mean?
Online channels?

Mr. Dedayo: Both Online Radio Platforms & Local Radio Platforms in Nigeria
I mean, have more brands to partner with us in other for us to reach more audience
In & outside Nigeria.

We've sent emails to the iHeart Radio App, They are the biggest online radio app broadcaster in the U.S and partnering with them will enable us reach out to more audiences. They are willing to partner with us on a discount

VoiceInspires: So much for teens, why teens?

Mr. Dedayo: Because I love them....
Because you all older people won’t give the teens some chances to express themselves and that’s what I’m so tired of and If all my plans go rightly in time, we most likely will step up our game to retain “The Teens Network Daytime Show” On Radio & On TV at the same time and guess what? only Teens, I repeat ONLY Teens will be permitted to apply for jobs in my company.

VoiceInspires: Hahahaha
I'm so much enjoying my time here Sir😁😁😁

Mr. Dedayo: That's interesting.

VoiceInspires: 😊😊😊
You seem to have answered almost all of our questions before they're asked sef🀣🀣🀣

Mr. Dedayo  I'm sorry, It's the passion.

VoiceInspires:  You mentioned being a couturier and a photographer and an influencer, the question is, or, are

Are you established in photography and fashion designing?
If so, how do you cope with all of the things you do?

Mr. Dedayo: Not really, I just have an idea of handling cameras - but for fashion, Fashion is my thing.
That's my dream business
I already have a name for my fashion brand "MyCoutureSpeaks Apparel"
And I've started working on designs for my first project titled "The Black Swags Collection"
You can see me putting on one of the designs in this picture.

VoiceInspires: Hehehe
Business mogul in the making.
What's your greatest motivation?
A reader or two might find motivation there too.

Mr. Dedayo: God Motivates me,

VoiceInspires: Okay
That's beautiful
What are your challenges so far with the  show and how can ANYONE help?

Mr. Dedayo: Well the challenges so far is taping the show  - Taping the show every weekend is like travelling.
We spend a huge cash on transportation to the island to tape the show in a radio station supporting me.
Another Challenge is not having individuals/brands to support
We also need to get personal equipments.

To help or support us, people can partner, offer to be hosts with us or even make donations for our transportation and equipments, we'll truly appreciate because it'll help us a great deal.

VoiceInspires: Okay, Final words to our audience.

Mr. Dedayo: My last saying would be to encourage other young adults, which is part of the things I’m trying to do through my upcoming biggest teen radio platform in the world. A platform that would teach teenagers how to embrace opportunities as well as create opportunities, a platform that would create a world where dreams are still possible and actualization is still a reality.
I mean I’m not the only one who’s going through some challenges, other people are dealing with problems I know nothing about, I’ll like to encourage them not to quit because I so love to see my community progressing with the right mindset of giving back to the younger generation.
In Addition, We are open to Sponsorship, Collaborations, Advertisements, Features with Brands & Business owners that would be a good fit for our Audience.
I can be reached through My Cell Phone - 08099565000

VoiceInspires: What's the age range of the teens you'll like to work with, just in case our audience will be interested.

Mr. Dedayo: Age Range 10yrs - 21yrs.
if they are aspiring to become news reporters, weather reporters and more.
And they can work online too, So long I see them to be serious with it and of course - they will be commended. They don't have to be living here in Lagos.
From anywhere - they can work with me on the show - as long as they have a mobile phone.

VoiceInspires: Beautiful!!!
This is much appreciated, especially for my younger audience.
It's been a wonderful time here.
Thank you SO much for honoring our invitation. Do have a great day

Mr. Dedayo: Thanks for having me ma'am."

Wonderful read right?
This young man is doing so much and if you're looking for what to invest in, i'll advice that the Teens Network Daytime Show is an option you should consider.
Because of our belief in this BIG THING, www.voiceinspires.com will be partnering with Teens Network Daytime Show (we'll give you full gist when all procedures have been done).

If you're interested in supporting or investing but don't have funds, why not join the 100K challenge here https://chat.whatsapp.com/JDsa56wIOnMC6aWjAHZs2I and get the opportunity to make a 100k in 30 days so you can be able to invest in The Teens Network Daytime Show.

The year will end soon, ALL your goals should be crushed, including your financial goals!!!


  1. This is beautiful, I so wish the world would see this and support this young man. God bless you Dedayo Adeloye.

  2. A brilliant young man with a brilliant idea, I so hope they find and locate him before its too late.

  3. God bless you Dedayo, @Lawal I agree with you, good news never travels as far as the bad ones, I pray the right brand will shine the spotlight on him.

  4. it was so awesome,keep up the good work. with the necessary motivation, bravo! to the publisher @Jennifer,this teenagers needs to be given the proper attention, since they are the future.


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