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Who Really is An Idle Man? - Okiri Quincy Eseosa

"An idle man is not necessarily a lazy person but a person who has refused to get up, work and own up to his responsibilities"

Who is An Idle Man?

An unemployed or unoccupied man

An inactive man

A man who is not wanting to work

An ineffective, powerless and fruitless man

A lazy man

N.B: Man in this contest refers to both male and female

From the above definitions you will discover that an idle man is totally dependent and worthless, he lives on others... let's call him a parasite.

He is also a liability and I bet nobody wants to bear the burden of a fellow human being 100%.

A man, regardless of his age or status, is naturally seen as "hardworking" because as the head he ought to be a pillar and provide for himself and family (though we still have a few "lazy" men out there)...

No, let's direct our attention to the ladies➡➡➡

Dear Sisters,

Who says you must depend on a man for survival?

Who says you can't be a billionaire without a man?

Who says you can't work and earn your own money?

Who says you can't be a successful entrepreneur?

Remember Ma, money stops nonsense

This doesn't mean you cannot ask for help once in a while, it only means your 100% burden shouldn't be dropped on the shoulders of some other person...

No man wants a liability for a wife and as a woman you should also be a pillar of support not a draining machine.

Let me tell you a little about me,

I had all I wanted as a growing child but at some point in my life I discovered that I needed not to be too comfortable with just getting income from my parents so I decided to take a step further by getting myself out of my comfort zone and looking for right and legit ways to make money. Trust me, I do not regret it.

There's this fulfilment and joy that comes with being able to work and earn something for yourself without asking it from someone, even your parents will get tired when you become over demanding.

Irrespective of your age and status, acquire a skill, learn a trade, get a degree, be self employed, get a job... get busy, don't lazy around doing nothing, never let a day slide by without being productive mentally and otherwise.

Ever heard of "an idle man is the devil's work shop"?

OK, let me throw more light➖➖➖➖

A young lady sits at home all day with no job and nothing to do, picks her phone, opens instagram, sees the "flourishing lives" of people on the gram, rather than think her way out of joblessness, she let's the devil minister to her... she begins to run her mind through 1000 quick ways to make money (of course basically negative ways e.g, prostitution) and boom, she makes up her mind to start after thorough thinking.

The idleness has given way to negative thoughts and helped her pick up a negative way of getting busy (that's the "devil" making her his workshop)

Imagine the young lady already had something doing, the instagram life will only make her want to be better and more productive. SHe would think of positive ways to use her social media accounts to boost her productivity and become a better person.

There's nothing more glittering than a pretty lady who is hardworking and knows she doesn't have to be at the mercy of anyone... her personality will attract people of like minds to her

Take this as a challenge today, Rise up and Work
Stop being an idle "man"

Stop being a useful tool for the devil

Till I come your way some other time, keep being productive

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Five Ways To Keep Learning - Kim Kiyosaki

How to continue your education outside the classroom

The Rich Dad Company's mission is, "To elevate the financial well being of humanity." Robert and I have carried that mission with us from the moment we set out on our journey. We knew it was going to be a long road, but we truly believed that we could make a difference and help others achieve financial freedom.

There were many ways we could have gone about achieving our mission, but in the end it seemed clear to us that focusing our efforts on financial education was the best choice. After all, education is the first step to changing your life.

At Rich Dad, we believe you should always be learning. The world is always changing. New technology, new terminology, and changes in the political and economic arenas are always happening. In order to keep up, you have to always be learning. It doesn't matter what you're learning, as long as you are continually educating yourself and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Why you should keep learning

Learning is a habit. Your brain is a muscle, and like any other muscle you have to work it out by continually learning new things.

But for many, it's hard to keep learning, especially when your days are eaten up by a 9-to-5 job. But if you're stuck on the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant, living life as an employee, continuing your education is especially important because it's the only way you can make the shift to the right side.

Oftentimes, employees get really good at one specific set of skills. They perform the same job every day, and develop an in-depth understanding of that one area. But over time, if they aren't learning and growing, they lose their ability to learn new things. And with it, they lose the chance to grow and make the shift to the right side of the quadrant.

The good news is there are multiple ways you can continue your education, and none of them involve shelling out a ton of money or going back to school.

1) Read

This might seem like a no brainer, but the sad fact is, a good number of adults don't finish a single book in a year. In fact, according to Pew Research, 27% of adults never read or even started reading a book in 2015.

Books are one of our greatest resources when it comes to continual learning. That's why Robert and I have published multiple books over the past several years. They're easier to access than ever with the advent of e-readers, and there's a book for every topic you might be interested in.

You can also find online blogs and articles that keep you informed. Just picking up the newspaper in the morning could teach you so much. A few weeks ago I wrote about a nun in Germany who studied investing just by reading the financial column of the newspaper every day. She didn't have any other formal education, but found a way to continue learning that paid off big in the end. If she can do it, so can you.

2) Listen to Podcasts

Don't have time to read? Try a podcast. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere. On your morning commute to work, on an airplane, or even when you're doing chores around the house.

Robert and I started the Rich Dad Radio Show podcast a few years back once we saw how valuable podcasts were. In our show, we bring on guests with unique experiences, backgrounds, and opinions to discuss different financial topics. While our podcasts last an hour, you can find other podcasts that range from 10 minutes to half an hour.

You can browse through podcasts available through the iTunes store or other outlets. The best part? Most of the time, they're completely free! That's right, you get continuing education, anytime, anywhere, for free. Still think you can't continue to learn outside of school?

3) Sign up for a course

Like I said before, you don't have to go back to school to continue to learn. But if you find that you learn information better in a more formal environment, you might consider signing up for an educational course.

This could be an in-person course or an online course you can complete on your own time. For example, CodeAcademy is an online platform that lets you learn how to code on your own time. You can learn the basics for free at your own pace.

Many universities are starting to offer courses online as well, for lowered costs or even for free. Yale, for examples, offers a whole series of recorded lectures at Open Yale for free. You can choose from their offered topics and watch distinguished professors lecture from the comfort of your own couch. Their classes range from introductory psychology to politics to music.

At Rich Dad, we offer workshops across different platforms and cities to help bring the ideas we discuss every week directly to you. From online webinars to in-person workshops and one-on-one training, you can get the lessons of Rich Dad in whatever method you best learn.

Everyone has a different way of learning, so finding a workshop or course that meets your learning style is imperative.

4) Play games

I always laugh at people's reactions to this one. They often ask how playing a game could possibly teach you something new. I just point them to our CASHFLOW® board game.

Robert and I created CASHFLOW® as a way for people to practice what they'd learned about financial literacy without putting real money on the line. The best way to learn is by doing, so why not play games to practice your newfound knowledge.

Beyond the content of the games, every time you sit down to play a new game you exercise that part of your brain that helps you learn new things. Think about it! When you learn a new card game or board game, you have to learn the rules quickly and apply them in order to win. And since each game is different, you are always practicing learning.

Chess, for example, is all about strategy and predicting your opponent's next move. Even video games can teach you a thing or two about leadership and creativity, especially if you play with or against others.

Not to mention, playing a game is often far more fun that sitting down to read a textbook.

5) Build new relationships

The amount of information we learn from other people is astounding. You've learned all of life's most important lessons from other people. You learned how to walk and talk from your parents and you learned social skills on the playground as a child.

Every time you meet someone new you learn something. Everyone has their own wealth of knowledge gleaned from their own unique backgrounds and experiences. Sometimes, the greatest way to learn something new is by taking someone to lunch and just having a conversation.

That's why it's important to build new relationships with people who have different backgrounds and experiences than you. Whether it's a mentor, a friend, an acquaintance or even a family member with interesting experiences, learning from others is a great and engaging way to continue your education.

Cultivate the habit of learning
Even if it's something small, try learning at least one new thing a day. Be mindful in your continuing education. Go into the day having a specific goal in mind, or area in which you want to grow. Make continuing education one of your resolutions for 2017.

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Book Review - Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki

Rich Woman is a book written by Kim Kiyosaki and published by The Rich Dad Company, Founded by Robert Kiyosaki.

The book addreses the self-sabotaging attitude women have towards money, THEIR MONEY, and goes ahead to educate women on the importance of taking charge of their financial life and not leaving that responsibility to their spouses or anyone else.

Kim uses a story about her lunch and dinner time with her friends; Leslie, Janice and Pat, to pass her message of Investing For Women.

In 259 pages and 24 chapters, she explained why women ignore their financial life, their excuses for that and went ahead to teach how women can get familiar with "their money" and make their money work for them.

Have you been wondering how you can get a hold of your "money life? "
Have you been wondering what Investment is all about?

Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki is THE BOOK you need and to get this book at a cheap rate, contact @bellabooks on Instagram.
@Bellabooks have the best book on business, relationship, faith, novels, e. t. c. They are the GO-TO bookstore.
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Meet Blessing, The Groundnut Seller, With Beautiful Pair Of Eyes

An Abuja based make-up artist revealed, some few hours ago, transformed images of a groundnut seller she claimed to have spotted with beautiful pair of eyes while the girl hawked groundnut.

Mariam Ufeli, the Abuja-based makeup artiste, revealed the girl, whose name was revealed as Blessing, on her Instagram page, @ufelimariam, in celebration of the International Day of The Girl Child.

Can you imagine Blessing's background?
Selling groundnut to sponsor herself in school while she had gold in her, her eyes.

Will she get elevated like Jumoke, the groundnut seller who got transformed into a model?
Let's wait and find out.

See images of transformed Blessing below:

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Wizzy Wisdom, A Facebooker, Shows How Pissed He Is About Women

While a lot of people, especially women, are celebrating "No Bra's Day, an acclaimed MC took to his Facebook timeline to express how pissed he is about women.
His post reads thus:


So I heard it's '' No Bra Day ''

I'm beginning to get berserk on the ladies, their sponsors and cheer leaders.

Now follow me closely.

1.Girls Child International Day #Women

2.Women's Day Celebration #women

3.Women Federation #Women, mostly in my church, Adventist.

4.Mothers Day #Women

5.Singles hangout, mixture of male and female, women would still surpass male, don't know there aim.

And a lot I can't remember, you can add yours because I'm clouded with annoyance.

What is it?

Women this?

Women that?

Yet all would be praying '' Chukwu Olisa Nyekwem Nwoke 'God give me a male child,yet we're not celebrated.

When you're busy celebrating, equipping and educating the girl child leaving the boy child for what to happen?

Manna should fall from the heavenly places thereby enriching him with all he suppose to learn, know and act on?

No tell me?

You get the girl child educated for her to marry a palm wine tapper, Okada rider, Danfo driver or better still shoe mender because the boy child is known for man power while the girl child remains '' Oriaku '' (Wealth Eater or better still enjoyer)

I'm annoyed, severely annoyed.

The days of working in unison is slowly and steadily dwindling.

The days when we compete to cook in the kitchen and if your food has any item over used, you'll be mocked at.

Be it salt, oil or sugar, no, sorry water (that's what annoyance could cause)

The days when we fetch fire wood and our store house would be loaded.

The days we compete to harvest Cassava.

The days we compete to fetch water.

These days, the girl child goes on to learn computer training while the boy child remains at home, cracking palm kernel.

These days the girl child comes back seated, stretched her legs and arms for a manicure and pedicure in a bid not to touch any item in the kitchen, the husband can cook after all.

Who invented such law?

This maxim on recurrence was initiated by who?

I'll rather remain single now than dating a woman that isn't complete in all sphere.

Don't get me wrong.

Yes, I had an uncle that taught the wife how to cook UKAZI soup (ask any igbo Freind of yours) simply because she attest leaving the kitchen once the mum wants to make that particular soup.

My question, who always send her errands during such time?

What is she looking for?

It's one thing not to know but it's another to be willing to learn.

I've worked with a manager of a reputable bank that doesn't cook in there house.

They came back from United Kingdom not long and they don't cook.

All they eat, at least to my best knowledge were been bought at eateries.

The remains has to be trashed in the wastebasket.

The remains aren't spoilt nor taste changed , but because they can't eat stale food, it has to be trashed.

Who's policy is that?

The girl child been trained baa?

Keep training the girl child leaving the boy child, after all said and done, you'll walk her in the alter of mammoth crowds, cheering and wishing them well only to leave her in the hands of a single wolf clothed in goat skin in the night.

One that batters as though he graduated from '' ThinCan Industry ''

One that curses verbally as his environment taught him.

One that smokes and you can't compare with shi_sha, chimney and automobiles.

One that snaps at little intervals, endangering her life.

I eaves dropped a folly saying '"I'd rather cry inside range Rover than laugh in Volkswagen' fear cacheth me as I heard that.

Oh, it cacheth me oo.

You see that range would come, those tears you aspire would also come but pray, you live to tell the story and not a history when you're gone.

I'm so pissed, I'm so so pissed.

Believe me.

Keep training the girl child you hear, Las - Las, the media isn't and can never be occupied with your story, yours won't be the last nor the first, it would only add to that which had happened, is happening and would happen.

He that has ear, hear.

Ukpana okpoko gburu, nti gburu ya!

Ka Emesia Nu

Together We Soar Higher.

P. S, Heard it's No Bra Day, well I have no bra before this day, just my flat cabin biscuit chest then, take me like that"

Do you find this funny, thoughtful or annoying?

Let's hear your opinion on this matter.
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Book Review- The Rules of Work By Richard Templar

The Rules of Work is a book, containing 10 chapters revealing definitive codes for success with work. The Rules enhance personal standards and elevate your individual principles.

Richard Templar, known as the author of the Rule Books; The Rules of Love, The Rules of Work, The Rules of Life, The Rules of Parenting, The Rules of Money, The Rules of Management, The Rules of Wealth, The Rules of Wealth, and so on, revealed that he formulated The Rules many years ago, when he was an Assistant Manager and qualified for a promotion but didn't get it, rather the promotion was given to one who wasn't qualified as he was, based on experience, expertise and superior abilities.

The Rules in highlight include:

1. Walking your talk.
2. Knowing you're best judged at all times.
3. Having a plan.
4. Shuting up if you can't say anything nice.
5. Looking after yourself.
6. Blending in.
7. Acting one step ahead.
8. Cultivating diplomacy.
9. Knowing the system and milking it.
10. Handling the opposition.

The 10 Rules are steps to building confidence and creating a new and more powerful you as they contain other sub-rules that will help your understanding on what the book is about.

I'd recommend it to you if you're looking towards improving your work life.
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Read This If You Love Music

Mr. James Franklin is one of the best music gods I have come to know and I am super glad he is finally sharing his understanding in music and how he relates with it to the world.

Are you a music lover?

Do you find your sanity in music?

Do you find relaxation in music?

Are you looking for an escape route from stress, physical, emotional and mental stress?

Do you wish to be a lover of music but you find it difficult to connect with lyrics?

Are you a music lover but find it difficult to select songs that will suit whatever mood you fall into?

Are you looking towards having a wonderful playlist?

Acoustic Session With Mr. James Franklin is FOR YOU and ALL

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:00pm, Mr. James Franklin is set to present to you songs with soul lifting lyrics that you will, no doubts, connect to easily and immediately.

Like the venue, facebook page, @acousticsessionswithmrjamesfranklin to follow closely on all the amazingness the host has got to offer you.

P. S. The most amazing thing is that you get the opportunity to make music requests.


Acoustic Session With Mr. James Franklin is a platform that encourages the true meaning of our human emotions expressed in musical lyrics and it is not defined by religious standards or belief systems.

As emotions control every human being to act, think and react, Acoustic Session with Mr. James Franklin promotes growth in our feelings to being responsible for our actions and decisions towards life in general with the right lyrics you can and will easily connect with.


To bring healing, relaxation and an avenue to cultivate the right mindset through soul lifting lyrics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8pm-10pm.

*Motto : Music with Meaning*

*Vision : Breaking forth pusillanimity in our emotions to cause a change.*

*Host : Mr. James Franklin*
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Download Heartbeat by David Oyibo (Spoken word Video)

Another mind blowing spoken word piece from the awesome Medic, David Oyibo.

David Oyibo is a writer, spoken word poet, public speaking coach and a medical student at Kogi State University, Anyigba who resides in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

In David Oyibo's words
"I believe words on paper and words spoken out loud are the two most powerful tools to inspire and cause positive change in the lives of all we come across, and that's what I am commited to do."

Heartbeat is a recent piece from David after having ministered at the International Youth Conference at Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota.

Heartbeat is a piece inspired by the book "Costly Assumption" by Bro. Gbile Akanni and it is one piece that should not be missing from your playlist.
Download Heartbeat HERE
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How To Mentally Prepare For Work Week After An Amazing Weekend

After what looked like a wonderful weekend, does going back to work freak you?
*Do you wish the weekend could just continue and last long as work days do?*
Do you feel you’re having so much fun and you don’t want the week to just come with its stress and sweep you off your “fun feet”?

Calm your nerves
You’re not alone
I bet there are a lot of people with these feelings too.

Work is very important, right?
Whether you’re up for it or not you have no choice than to resume work tomorrow so what to do?

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Tell yourself; “It’s Monday tomorrow and we have to go to work, not just go to work but be on our best attitude too.

3. Pick your outfit for tomorrow, better still, for the week, already. It’ll get it registered in your mind, subconsciously, that tomorrow and the following days are not days for “jokes”.

4. If you’re one that brings work home or has got some work file at home, take a look at it.

5. Eat early.

6. Sleep early.

I hope your mind feels better now because A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Success is no accident. Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. Stay positive and happy.

P. S, This applies to returning back to school too.

Meanwhile, having a wonderful work week means having a smiling bank account balance and having a smiling bank account balance means what?.....
It's just 7 days to go and the doors for the opportunity that will make you earn 100k in 30 days will soon close.
Have you applied yet?
If you haven't, you still have a chance
Click on the link NOW to join the challenge before the door will be closed.

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Exclusive Interview With The Chairman Of The Teens Network Daytime Show

Welcome to the #VoiceinspiresInterviews readers, yesterday, we had the opportunity to interview a very awesome personality who is building a brand around a sect of people that is most ignored in the society- Teenagers.

Dedayo Adeloye, is an influencer, Couturier, Lifestyle photographer and the Chairman of The Teens Network Daytime Show which is working her way into becoming the biggest Teens Radio show in the world.
Here's what our interview with him looked like:

"VoiceInspires: Welcome on set with me Sir.
Shall we meet you?

Mr. Dedayo: My name is Adedayo Adeloye, the Chairman & Chief executive of “The Teens Network Daytime Show ®”
I'm an Influencer, a Couturier & a lifestyle photographer

VoiceInspires: Chairman😁😁😁
Good to have you here Chairman.
What's a Couturier?

Mr. Dedayo: Thank you ma'am. A couturier is another word for a fashion designer.
I just love to be unique with how I do things.

VoiceInspires: Okay.
New word learnt todayπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Thank you for that
Whats the Teens Network daytime show about?

Mr. Dedayo: The Teens Network Daytime Show is built for everyday teens doing something extraordinary to benefit others, the Teens Network Daytime Show is designed for teens who is taking the challenges they are facing & turning it into a way to help other people.

Teenagers who experience a distressing or frightening event are often concerned by these strong emotions. Despite the fact that these reactions usually subside as a part of the body’s natural healing and recovery process, it is important for parents or guardians to understand the ways in which a teenager manages distress and trauma so they can support and help the young person. Teenagers can also be deeply upset by local, national or international tragedies, or trauma that affects their friends.
I came up with this platform where teenagers can share the challenges they face and also share solutions to the problems.

VoiceInspires: Wow
This is so amazing.

Mr. Dedayo: However, we don't want to bore our audience with just trying to solve problems on the show.
We also have some other segments, I mean segment that brings live to the show.

VoiceInspires: Segments like?

Mr. Dedayo: The Soul Food at Twilight Segment - - is a segment that encourages our audience of all ages (That's my segment, and its the very first segment you get to listen to on the show).
Ask the Crew Segment - A segment that gives our audience the opportunity to ask any of our crew questions on air.
The Teen Strawberry Letter - A segment that offers help to all troubled soul (I'm talking about the Teens). We help solve their problems with the help of our Pro-Counsellors.
The Health Wise Segment- A Segment we get to bring in aspiring teen doctors, who are ready to dish out tips to living a healthy life. I mean if we really want to lead we must be healthy to lead others.
The Teen CEOs -  a segment that wants to showcase & interview teens who are involved in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, investing, inventing and other activities to explore their passion.
There are other segments that are yet to be aired because we don't have enough hosts on board but I came up with the segments anyway and the segments include-
The TeenCHEFs - a segment that brings on the show teens who’s got some weird twist on dishes. There are great Teen CHEFs out there you know nothing about.
The Teen SPOTLIGHT Segment - A segment that’s all about bringing teens with any achievement to the spotlight every week.

VoiceInspires: This is a whole lot.
How do you cope with coming up with all of this and making sure they work?

Mr. Dedayo: Yeah, The idea didn't just pop up in one day.

VoiceInspires: Okay.
Can we know what all these were birthed from?

Mr. Dedayo: It's been a while I've been doing this...
The Show was inspired by God through my late boss -The Popular Chaz Bruce Chukuma (CHAZ B) of Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B on 92.3 Inspiration FM and later moved to Rhythm FM 93.7.
I lived with him for 2 and a half years, but he later passed on November 22nd 2014.
I was at his house when it happened. To cut the long story short - I worked with him closely on his show so I had an idea of how a radio show run.
Months later, we tried to push his dream further, but few months later I had to leave because things were not going too well. I packed my belongings, zoomed off to my Father's House.
I had nothing left - and sincerely I was broke and months later - I had a vision from God to start this platform.
God speaks in different styles, through vision, through words of mouth, through thoughts and all.
I got exactly what I wanted to do on the show - but the weird part was I didn't know what to call it.
There was no "The Teens Network Daytime Show" then so I decided to tag my show The Teens Network Daytime Show.

VoiceInspires: Amazing.

Mr. Dedayo: The inspiration for the show came when I looked at the young adults in my community, I grew up in the hood, I couldn’t afford to go to college and in the hood a whole lot of young adults go through emotional and psychological imbalances with no one listening and it seems everyone is busy and not paying attention to the coming generation.
Even on Cable TVs, What TV Channels do we have with focus on Teens?
On Cable TVs, we only have Kids Channels & a whole bunch of channels for Adults.

After getting my content ready, figuring the name was not easy as I thought of bunch of stupid names and when I finally figured the Teens Network Daytime Show, I  immediately I got it secured with the government.
The idea of the show is, apart from helping out Teens emotionally and psychologically, to be a Radio platform basically for teens.
I don’t mind it being the only platform that allows Teens in the media world.
We're using it to create JOBs for Teens during summer and other holidays.

VoiceInspires: This is impressive.
How long has this show been on?

Mr. Dedayo: It's been on for months but it's going to be a year old by January.
It's the same day as my birthday.

VoiceInspires: You're working on something spectacular and it'd be in line with our core values to support this.
It'll also be awesome for anyone, especially from our audience, to support this.

Mr. Dedayo: I think it's really God, God's got the credit, he just dumped on me these ideas without looking at my background.
Looking at my background, Madam Voice, If I were God and I were to choose exactly who to dump these ideas on - I'd rather choose someone who's well to do. I mean, I had zero knowledge about radio scriptwriting, I’d never gone for any voice over trainings & I had no idea of how to edit or tape the shows, but by God’s grace, I've been  producing my shows every weekend mornings with no professional help.
I sat & still sit down with a laptop and edit the recordings of the show myself.

VoiceInspires: YaaayπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
God never leaves His own.
Well done.

Mr. Dedayo: Thanks ma'am.

VoiceInspires: Is it an online show?

Mr. Dedayo: For now ma'am, It's an online show. But plans are on ground to move the show to another level and that's what we've been working on.

VoiceInspires: Beautiful, that means our audience will get the chance to listen to the show then😁😁😁

Mr. Dedayo Oh! Yes.
They can always tune in via our official website to catch up on past episodes.
And if they would love to catch the show live online - They can tune in to "The Kingdom  Influencers Broadcast (Atlanta Georgia)" every weekend mornings. and like I said before, we look forward to expanding our distribution channels. We are working towards developing & owning our own mobile app (By God's Grace) - I can't say when but I trust God for this
Part of the Steps I've taken is writing the business plan.

VoiceInspires: By distribution channels, what do you mean?
Online channels?

Mr. Dedayo: Both Online Radio Platforms & Local Radio Platforms in Nigeria
I mean, have more brands to partner with us in other for us to reach more audience
In & outside Nigeria.

We've sent emails to the iHeart Radio App, They are the biggest online radio app broadcaster in the U.S and partnering with them will enable us reach out to more audiences. They are willing to partner with us on a discount

VoiceInspires: So much for teens, why teens?

Mr. Dedayo: Because I love them....
Because you all older people won’t give the teens some chances to express themselves and that’s what I’m so tired of and If all my plans go rightly in time, we most likely will step up our game to retain “The Teens Network Daytime Show” On Radio & On TV at the same time and guess what? only Teens, I repeat ONLY Teens will be permitted to apply for jobs in my company.

VoiceInspires: Hahahaha
I'm so much enjoying my time here Sir😁😁😁

Mr. Dedayo: That's interesting.

VoiceInspires: 😊😊😊
You seem to have answered almost all of our questions before they're asked sef🀣🀣🀣

Mr. Dedayo  I'm sorry, It's the passion.

VoiceInspires:  You mentioned being a couturier and a photographer and an influencer, the question is, or, are

Are you established in photography and fashion designing?
If so, how do you cope with all of the things you do?

Mr. Dedayo: Not really, I just have an idea of handling cameras - but for fashion, Fashion is my thing.
That's my dream business
I already have a name for my fashion brand "MyCoutureSpeaks Apparel"
And I've started working on designs for my first project titled "The Black Swags Collection"
You can see me putting on one of the designs in this picture.

VoiceInspires: Hehehe
Business mogul in the making.
What's your greatest motivation?
A reader or two might find motivation there too.

Mr. Dedayo: God Motivates me,

VoiceInspires: Okay
That's beautiful
What are your challenges so far with the  show and how can ANYONE help?

Mr. Dedayo: Well the challenges so far is taping the show  - Taping the show every weekend is like travelling.
We spend a huge cash on transportation to the island to tape the show in a radio station supporting me.
Another Challenge is not having individuals/brands to support
We also need to get personal equipments.

To help or support us, people can partner, offer to be hosts with us or even make donations for our transportation and equipments, we'll truly appreciate because it'll help us a great deal.

VoiceInspires: Okay, Final words to our audience.

Mr. Dedayo: My last saying would be to encourage other young adults, which is part of the things I’m trying to do through my upcoming biggest teen radio platform in the world. A platform that would teach teenagers how to embrace opportunities as well as create opportunities, a platform that would create a world where dreams are still possible and actualization is still a reality.
I mean I’m not the only one who’s going through some challenges, other people are dealing with problems I know nothing about, I’ll like to encourage them not to quit because I so love to see my community progressing with the right mindset of giving back to the younger generation.
In Addition, We are open to Sponsorship, Collaborations, Advertisements, Features with Brands & Business owners that would be a good fit for our Audience.
I can be reached through My Cell Phone - 08099565000

VoiceInspires: What's the age range of the teens you'll like to work with, just in case our audience will be interested.

Mr. Dedayo: Age Range 10yrs - 21yrs.
if they are aspiring to become news reporters, weather reporters and more.
And they can work online too, So long I see them to be serious with it and of course - they will be commended. They don't have to be living here in Lagos.
From anywhere - they can work with me on the show - as long as they have a mobile phone.

VoiceInspires: Beautiful!!!
This is much appreciated, especially for my younger audience.
It's been a wonderful time here.
Thank you SO much for honoring our invitation. Do have a great day

Mr. Dedayo: Thanks for having me ma'am."

Wonderful read right?
This young man is doing so much and if you're looking for what to invest in, i'll advice that the Teens Network Daytime Show is an option you should consider.
Because of our belief in this BIG THING, will be partnering with Teens Network Daytime Show (we'll give you full gist when all procedures have been done).

If you're interested in supporting or investing but don't have funds, why not join the 100K challenge here and get the opportunity to make a 100k in 30 days so you can be able to invest in The Teens Network Daytime Show.

The year will end soon, ALL your goals should be crushed, including your financial goals!!!
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1 Practical Way To Reach Your Financial Goals For The Year 2018


I sought of get upset when i hear people talk about goals, especially at the beginning of the year, basically because most people don't know how to set/write goals and most of them that do, don't know how to set/write ACHIEVABLE goals.

Goals, first of all, is an OBSERVABLE and MEASURABLE end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe. (Definition from Business Dictionary, Webfinance inc., 2018).

OBSERVABLE and MEASURABLE because goals ARE NOT wishes.
Goals are the next step of getting what you want after knowing what you want.

You OBSERVE by knowing what you want and you MEASURE by calculating how to get what you want and this means GOALS and STRATEGIES work together.

How Should A Goal Be Set and Written?

A goal should be set and written by OBSERVING what you want in ALL areas of your life (you want to be a balanced person, a full baked bread) and MEASURING how to get all you want from ALL areas of your life.

Areas of life include:


For the sake of this article, we'll only be disclosing the very sure and practical measure you can use to achieve your financial goals for the year 2018 and if you didn't observe to know what you want out of your life financially this year, you can do that RIGHT NOW and let this measure we're about to show you help you achieve them already!

Have you heard of the 100K challenge?

It gives you the opportunity to make #100,000 in 30 days with just your phone/laptop and the internet.

No, this is legit and NOT a scam, respects her audience too much to bring a scam or Ponzi schemes here.

To know more about this measure on how you can beat your financial goals for the year 2018, click here

To join the challenge, click HERE

Just so you're sure this is not a scam,


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Join The 100K Challenge And Crush Your Financial Goals For The Year In 30 Days

Do you know you can make 100k in 30days?
No, this isn't a scam, neither is it one of those Ponzi schemes.

You can legit make #100,000 cool cash in 30 days with just your phone/laptop and the internet.

How?, a digital marketplace (Africa's no 1 digital marketplace) who has been in existence for years now and proven to be best in her industry, is finally hosting another 100k challenge starting October 1st, 2018.

In the next 14days, 1000 Successful participants will be accepted into the 100k Challenge based on a first come first serve note. Successful participants will then be trained and placed under a Serious one on one mentorship program to ensure each participant is able to beat His/Her financial goal in the next 30days.
Awesome right?

What are you waiting for?

Click for more info.

To enter the challenge, join the WhatsApp group below

Read what participants of the first challenge are saying:

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7 Steps To Sail Through Depression And Come Out Fine In No Time

An image I saw, with a quote, read
"I wish people knew how much mental illness interferes with your life.
Finding the energy to do simple things is hard. You feel constantly tired. You isolate yourself but you feel lonely at the same time. Leaving the house is difficult, it can be hard to even work. It is exhausting."

I agree with you to say that the quote is accurate and everything.

Being mentally ill is one of the top worst things that can happen to any human on earth.

Added to the list in the quote:
a. You sleep anyhow.
b. You either starve yourself or you overeat, even though you don't feel like eating.
c. You become uninterested about anything and if you're an ART person and you're lucky enough to have your muse intact, you create majorly melancholic contents.

Because this works for me MOST of the time, here are few tips on how you can sail through down moments, or what is commonly referred to as depression, and get fine in no time.

1. If you can, take a long walk. Walking is a form of exercise and it'll help your muscles relax.

2. If you can, talk to someone. Someone you have a deep relationship with. A friend, lover, family member, mentor, whoever.

3. If you can, go through a list of your documented past achievements. They will help to keep your soul together, especially unconsciously.

4. If you're currently working on a project, go over what you've done so far, focusing on all you've achieved with it so far.

5. If you can, see a movie. That particular one you can see even a 100 times. Whether you feel like you're enjoying it or not, just keep watching.

6. Listen to a mixtape (songs) through a very good sound system. It could be through a headset, earpiece, Bluetooth, mp3, whatever you can afford, whether you are a music lover or not. Music is always a food to the soul.
For me, I like to go against my mood so instead of listening to moody songs, I listen to "banger" songs, whether I like and enjoy it or not. By banger songs, I mean songs that should get anyhow shaking their body on a normal day. You could try that kind of songs too.

7. Finally, drop the world for the world. With your music still playing, lie down on your back, shut the world out as your shut your eyes and try to keep your mind blank, then watch the process work on your system.

N.B, this might not work for you like it will work for others but feel free to try it.
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Book Review on Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson Spenser

The author represented human thrives, all humans pursue to feel fulfilled, with cheese and represented the different kind of humans with the mice and little men.
A few lessons include:
1. Don’t get bitter and blame anyone or anything else for where you are in life. Whether it’s fair or not, you have to take your own initiative and improve your circumstances. Sitting there pitying yourself won’t change anything.

2. Humans tend to get lazy and used to old habits. In Haw’s case, he didn’t really even deserve a lifetime supply of cheese. But over time, he got so used to his luxurious life that he convinced himself he was entitled to all these things, like a spoiled brat. This is a classic human behavior we should avoid. Keep tabs on yourself so it doesn’t happen to you.

3. Always stay vigilant and prepare for the inevitable. Sniff and Scurry stayed mentally prepared for the inevitable task of finding more cheese.

Get a hold of all of the lessons by getting the book.

Book for next week:
The Rule of Work by Richard Templar .
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3 Ways To Know That You Understand A New Knowledge Gained

Knowledge is a value gained from various means. Texts, videos, books, pdfs, serminas, courses, infographics, e. t. c.

A knowledge is only a knowledge when it is confirmed as fully processed, i. e, fully understood.
We get knowledge daily, consciously and unconsciously, and in order to be certain you've processed a knowledge, especially the one gained consciously, the followings steps will show you.

1. Write in the process. In the process of gaining a particular knowledge, it is strategic to put pointers down, to serve as a reminder once in a while as learning is both a gradual and a continuous process.

2. Meditate on it. Take some time to meditate on the new value gained through whatever form and decide what to make of it, how you can make it work for you.

3. Act on it. Action says it all. By acting on things you decide to make out of a knowledge, your whole being confirms and immediately adopt that culture.

Do you find these simple tips helpful?
Let us know in the comment section.
Have a day.
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4 Ways To Prepare For A Stressful Work Week- Joyce Daniels

As Sunday marks the beginning of a new week, we bring you "the gospel" of how to prepare for a stressful work week, according to The Queen Of Talk, Joyce Daniels, who is the Author of the book Mastery, Founder of Talkademy, an academy for masters of ceremonies, a master of ceremonies for 10years now and a trainer at Dale Carnegie.

In a bid to prepare her audience for the week, she gave these tips on her instagram page @iamjoycedaniels.

"So it's a new week and September seem to be on its mark.
Inasmuch as a lot of people are excited about the new week because of the opportunity to do things differently, some people seem to be fearful of every new week, especially Mondays, because above all days, it is the most stressful.

As we prepare to go back to work, here are few tips you can use to prepare for the week, especially Monday, so you don't get worn out.

1. Start your week with Prayers. Of course, God is the biggest, most excellent and without mistake. Take out time to give him thanks and ask for strength for the new week.

2. Speak into your week, specifically to each day. Whatever you want from Monday, through Friday, call it forth.
You want more customers?
You want more deals?
You want more engagements?
Whatever it is, JUST SPEAK IT FORTH.
There is power in the tongue and in words!

3. Outline your goals for the week. As much as you'll want to assume you know everything you want to achieve this week at heart, it's most helpful if you outline it. In a book or your phone. Anything that's handle and a go-to.

4. Have a to-do list. Did you see that coming?
Of course. No matter how common to-do lists are, it can never be overrated. To-do lists make your work/goals easier and achievable.

After all of the above, I'm sure you know nothing will work out without any action taken place.
Have a productive week."
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4 Ways to Prepare and Enter Into a New Month

In less than few hours we'll be chanting the usual "happy new month" chorus, like we do every other beginning of a month.
Is this bad?
Not at all, it's beautiful by all means but the essence of days coming and going, months and years coming and going is to give us opportunities to not only get close to our future but to also choose wisely and work on the kind of future we want for ourselves and without care being taken, soon, we'll be entering the 9th month of the year and before you know it, we'll be chanting the "happy new year" chorus too without achieving or making any serious step/steps to give us a better future.

Here, we're offering some tips that has worked for us and so many, on how to prepare for a new month in order not to write down 'living' as the only achievement of the month.

1. Prayerfully enter the new month. Whatever religion you are, whatever or whoever you believe in, it is very paramount you commit the new month into His hands. No matter how much plans you make, there's so much sense in  commiting it into the hands of a being greater.

2. Strategically plan the new month. To strategise means to device effective ways in which a plan can be made to bring goals into reality. As you plan to get a new job, start a business, focus on your academics, whatever, device means in which you could work them out.
E. G
If you plan to get a new job, strategies to bring this plan to work can include:
¤ Deciding on the kind of job you want.
¤ Getting your CV and cover letter ready.
¤ Going online in search for jobs.
¤ Letting friends and family know you're in search for a job just in case someone might have something for you.
¤ Going out in search for a job.
¤ E. T. C

Whatever your plans are, device STRATEGIC means to achieve them.

3. Have goals for the month. Tell you what, plans and goals are different. A plan is a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished while a goal is the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve, all meanings gotten from the dictionary of English Language. Inasmuch as goals and plans are different, they work hand in hand and there cannot be a plan without an already stated goal.
What is it you'd like to achieve? Or better still, what's in your mind for the year that you've not yet achieved and you think there is feasibility for it this month?
State it/them out.

4. Put them down. As much as I'd like to say wRITE THEM down, meaning use the traditional way of paper and pen, different strokes for different folks. Whatever works for you, whether writing with pen and paper, or on your phone or whatever, just make sure all of your goals, plans and strategies are documented for reminder purpose.

Whatever point you have that has work and is working for you?
Please share in the comment section so all of us can  learn and be phenomenal TOGETHER.

It's not enough to live through the day, it's enough to count EVERYDAY.
It's enough for your life to stand for something, both for yourself, family and for others, EVERYDAY.

Cheers to September.
May all of your plans and strategies work!!!
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Daniel Olas, CEO INSPIREseries, Talks About Kogi Entertainment As He Urges More Entrepreneurs To Rise Up

For a very long time, Kogi State has been known to be very backward in terms of her political and social life and while we grew up, we have watched the rise of organizations, groups and communities, who were bent on restructuring and giving the State a new face value socially, fail, often within a year or two of creating such group or organization. This has no doubt affected, to the core, the social life of institutions like Kogi State University.

When I was in year one, being fresh and new to the environment, shows organized in the campus were meant for the strong minded as those shows often resulted to fights and clashes and I never had interest in KSU showbiz and her problems.

That was almost four years back.

Today, Kogi State University and Kogi as a whole is experiencing a tremendous change and a social rebirth in the entertainment industry. (There's tendency you might not know this if you're not actively involved)

Two years back, when I founded INSPIREseries, it was not to fill in the gaps or the loopholes of Kogi Entertainment, it was to drive home personal profits. However, along the line, I saw the need to create a bridge and today, with the help of my team, we are building those bridges steadily and gradually.

INSPIREseries is dedicated to restructuring not just the entertainment value of the State, but we have our tentacles extended deep and wide into her Arts and Media (And we've started from where we are)

Today, INSPIREseries is affiliated and working together with other brands that are not intimidated to come close to further build a stronger community; large enough to accommodate all talents and big enough to give a high degree of new experience and exposure to the fast rising talents scattered across the face of the state.

At this point, it is more advocative to say, we need more strong minded Entrepreneurs to rise up, build brands, businesses and organizations with viable goals and objectives to fill in the spaces left and see to the end successfully the revolution that has just began against the feeble minded business founders that have risen over the years and have shelled back to their caves.

I look forward to a more rewarding and exciting journey as we hope more hands, without waiting on and for the government, will get dirty and sow the seeds of greatness.

INSPIREseries is also opened to partnering with other brands who won't get scared to spend money and try out a new way of doing things.


Daniel Olas Snr.
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Book Review-The 50th Law By Robert Greene and 50Cent

Reading is one activity Africans have shown to not be interested in. Little wonder a quote says "if you want to hide a secret from an African man, put it in the pages of a book"

As disheartening as it is, inasmuch as an amount of us might want to agree with the quotator, I'm pleased to announce to you that there is hope for US.
Since the emergence of digital reading materials, this generation has made efforts to boost our reading culture.
A lot of people are now motivated to read even though most of them can't put a hold on their time
A lot of people are now passionate about reading books "back to back" even though most of them, their personality type wouldn't permit them.

With the rising reasons to not engage so much in reading and studying, has decided to dedicate her Fridays for your reading culture.
You can now read a book every week through our book reviews every Friday
We hope you like it!

Today, our book review is on the book, The 50th Law, authored by the power teacher, Robert Greene and the Hip Hop singer, movie producer and business mogul, Curtis Jackson, aka, 50cent.

In 10 chapters and 291 pages, Robert Greene and 50cent strategically and successfully discussed FEAR(LESSNESS).
The idea of fearlessness is essential for individual success- personal life and career wise. If you can master fearlessness and take control of your own destiny, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

In a bid to not bore you and go straight to the point, we'll, in-chapter-wise, review this book.

Chapter 1

See things for what they are- Intense Realism
“…the greatest danger you face is your mind growing soft and your eye getting dull.”
“People can be full of book knowledge and crammed with information but have no real sense of what’s going on around them. It is in fact a function of character and fearlessness.”
“What you see determines what you think and how you act. The moment you believe in some cherished idea that you will hold on to no matter what your eyes and ears reveal to you, you are no longer a realist.”

How to maintain realism:
Take opportunities to be more curious and open, explore the truth. Imagine you don’t know anything.
Expand yourself so you know the complete terrain. Expose yourself to different ideas, go outside of your comfort zone.
Dig deeper, get to the roots. “When you do not get to the root of a problem, you cannot solve it in any meaningful manner. People like to look at the surfaces, get all emotional and react, doing things that make them feel better in the short term but do nothing for them in the long term.”
Look ahead, beyond the present, get a better perspective. “It is a law of power, however, that the further and deeper we contemplate the future, the greater our capacity to shape it according to our desires… If you have a long-term goal for yourself, one that you have imagined in detail, then you are better able to make the proper decisions in the present. You know which battles or positions to avoid because they don’t advance you towards your goal.
Judge people by their actions, not words.
Assess yourself realistically.

Chapter 2

Make Everything Your Own- Self Reliance
“We will often package this as the opposite— that by working for others, being dutiful, fitting in, or subsuming our personality to the group, we are being a good person. But that is our fear speaking and deluding us. If we give in to this fear, then we will spend our lives looking outward for salvation and never find it. We will merely move from one dependency to another.”

How to be Self Reliant:
1. Reclaim your dead time.
“Remember: your bosses prefer to keep you in dependent positions. It is in their interest that you do not become self-reliant, and so they will tend to hoard information. You must secretly work against this and seize this information for yourself.”
2. Create little empires
“Keep in mind the following: what you really value in life is ownership, not money. If ever there is a choice— more money or more responsibility— you must always opt for the latter. A lower-paying position that offers more room to make decisions and carve out little empires is infinitely preferable to something that pays well but constricts your movements.”
3. Move higher up the food chain
Your goal in life must be to always move higher and higher up the food chain, where you alone control the direction of your enterprise and depend on no one. Since this goal is a future ideal, in the present you must strive to keep yourself free of unnecessary entanglements and alliances. And if you cannot avoid having partners, make sure that you are clear as to what function they serve for you and how you will free yourself of them at the right moment.
4. Make your enterprise reflect your individuality
Understand: you are one of a kind. Your character traits are a kind of chemical mix that will never be repeated in history. There are ideas unique to you, a specific rhythm and perspective that are your strengths, not your weaknesses. You must not be afraid of your uniqueness and you must care less and less what people think of you.
“Finally, do not be taken in by the culture of ease. Self-help books and experts will try to convince you that you can have what you want by following a few simple steps. Things that come easy and fast will leave you just as fast.”

Chapter 3

Turn shit into sugar- Oppprtunism
“In places like the hood or in any kind of materially impoverished environment, the response to hardship is much different. There, bad things happening assume a kind of normality. They are part of daily life. The hustler thinks: “I must make the most of what I have, even the bad stuff, because things are not going to get better on their own.”
“When things are going well, that is precisely when you must be concerned and vigilant. You know it will not last and you will not be caught unprepared. When things are going badly, that is when you are most encouraged and fearless. Finally you have material for a powerful reversal, a chance to prove yourself.”
“We generally believe there are only a few such golden chances in life, and most of us are waiting for them to cross our path. This concept is extremely limited in scope. It makes us dependent on outside forces.”
“Many of us have had the following experience: we find ourselves in an urgent, difficult situation. Perhaps we have to get something done in an impossibly short amount of time, or someone we had counted on for help does not come through, or we are in a foreign land and must suddenly fend for ourselves. In these situations, necessity crowds in on us. We have to get work done and figure out problems quickly or we suffer immediate consequences. What usually happens is that our minds snap to attention. We find the necessary energy because we have to. We pay attention to details that normally elude us, because they might spell the difference between success and failure, life and death. We are surprised at how inventive we become. It is at such moments that we get a glimpse of that potential mental power within us that generally lies untapped. If only we could have such a spirit and attitude in everyday life.”
“If we look for more— information, outside people to help us— it won’t necessarily lead to anything better; in fact the waiting and the dependence makes us less creative. When we go to work with what is there, we find new ways to employ this material. We solve problems, develop skills we can use again and again, and build up our confidence. If we become wealthy and dependent on money and technology, our minds atrophy and that wealth will not last.”
“Most people wait too long to go into action, generally out of fear. They want more money or better circumstances. You must go the opposite direction and move before you think you are ready. It is as if you are making it a little more difficult for yourself, deliberately creating obstacles in your path. But it is a law of power that your energy will always rise to the appropriate level.”
Make the most of what you have
Turn all obstacles into openings, into opportunities
Look for turning points
Move before you are ready

Chapter 4

Keep Moving: Calculated Momentum
“Life has a particular pace and rhythm, an endless stream of changes that can move slowly or quickly. When you try to stop this flow mentally or physically by holding on to things or people, you fall behind. Your actions become awkward because they are not in relation to present circumstances. It is like moving against a current as opposed to using it to propel you forward.”
Mental flow, stay curious, don’t let your knowledge be confined to one area or category.
Emotional flow, do not dwell on feelings, you must learn to forget what emotions stand in your way.
Social flow, be able to easily move between different groups, do not stay stuck to a tribe, and trust the people you work with.
Cultural flow, move culture forward, do not be locked into one archaic form of expression.

Chapter 5

Know when to be bad- Agression
“As Fifty had learned, talent and good intentions are never enough in this world; you need to be fearless and strategic.”
“If you indicate you’ll do anything to avoid trouble, that’s when you get in trouble.”
Types of situations where you’ll need to be aggressive:
Aggressors. Don’t fight them head on, subvert them, go behind their back, don’t let them know you’re fighting back until it’s too late.
Passive Aggressors. Take bold, uncompromising action against them. Don’t play their games, don’t subvert them, be fearless and direct in your combat with them and you’ll send them running.
Unjust situations. Play the fox, design strategies to win over public support without being blatant about your intentions to upend the situation. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the enemy.
Static situations. If a situation has become static, ignore the rules and make your own. There is power to be had in instigating a new order.
Impossible dynamics. Terminate the relationship, leave the job, don’t fight a battle that can’t be won.

Chapter 6

Lead from the front- Authority
Four roles you must perform:
The Visionary: “You must play this visionary role with some dramatic flair, like Edison who was a consummate performer and promoter. He would give dazzling presentations of his ideas, and stage events to get on the front page of newspapers. Like Moses describing the Promised Land, he could paint an alluring picture of the future that his inventions would help create. This drew in money from investors and inspired his researchers to work even harder. Your own level of excitement and self-belief will convince people that you know where you are going and should be followed.”
The Unifier: “A group needs a centripetal force to give it unity and cohesion but it is not enough to have that be you and the force of your personality. Instead it should be a cause that you fearlessly embody… This cause elevates your group above others. It has a quasi-religious aura to it, a kind of cult feeling. Now, to fight or doubt you from within is to stand against this cause and seem selfish. The group, infused with this belief system, will tend to police itself and root out troublemakers.”
The Role Model: “Operating with a mission statement is an effective way of softening your image and disguising the extent of your power. You are seen as more than just a leader; you are a role model, instructing, energizing, and inspiring your lieutenants. In crafting this team, look for people who share your values and are open to learning. Do not be seduced by a glittering rΓ©sumΓ©. You want them near you, to absorb your spirit and ways of doing things. Once you feel they have the proper training, you must not be afraid to let go of the reins and give them more independence. In the end, this will save you much energy and allow you to continue focusing on the greater strategic picture.”
The Bold Knight: “You keep your group marching and on the offensive. This will excite them and give them a feeling of movement. You are not taking unnecessary risks, but simply adding a dash of aggression to your normally staid group. They become used to seeing you out in front and grow addicted to the excitement you bring with each new campaign.”

Chapter 7

Connection, know your environment from the inside out
Crush all distance. You must have access to people at all levels in the organizaton you wish to control.
Open informal channels for criticism and feedback.
Reconnect with your base. “You have a base of power— a group of people, small or large, which identifies with you. This base is also mental— ideas you had when you were younger, which were tied to powerful emotions and inspired you to take a particular path. Time and success tend to diffuse the sense of connection you have to this physical and mental base… Know your base and work to reconnect with it.”
Create the social mirror. “You view your work from inside your mind, encrusted with all kinds of desires and fears. They see it as an object; they see it as it is. Through their criticisms you can get closer to this objective version and gradually improve what you do.”

Chapter 8

Respect the process- Mastery
“More often than not our jobs are something that we endure; we live for our time off and dream of the future. We are not engaged in the daily activity of the job with our full mental powers because it is not as exciting as life outside work.”
“When we look at those who stand out in history, we tend to focus on their achievements. From such an angle, it is easy for us to be dazzled and see their success as stemming from genetics and perhaps some social factors. They are gifted. We could never reach their level, or so we think. But we are choosing to ignore that telling period in their lives, when each and every one of them underwent a rather tedious apprenticeship in their field.”
“Understand: the real secret, the real formula for power in this world, lies in accepting the ugly reality that learning requires a process, and this in turn demands patience and the ability to endure drudge work.”
Developing the proper relationship to mastery and the process:
Progress through trial and error.
Master something simple. Develop a pattern of confidence through the parts of your life that you take control over.
Intenralize the rules of the game. “With a deepening knowledge of these rules you can begin to maneuver them for your purpose… Knowing how it works, you can take it apart— for good.”
Attune yourself to the details. “Often when you begin a project of any kind, it is from the wrong end. You tend to think first of what you want to accomplish, imagining the glory and money it will bring you if it succeeds. You then proceed to make this concept come to life. But as you go forward you often lose patience, because the small steps to get there are not nearly as exciting as the ambitious visions in your head.”
Rediscover your natural persistence. “First, you must understand the role that your energy level plays in mastering a process and bringing something to completion. If you take on added goals or new tasks, your focus will be broken up and you will never attain what you wanted in the first place… Second, try breaking things up into smaller blocks of time. You have a large goal, but there are steps along the way, and steps within the steps.”
“Try to look at boredom from the opposite perspective— as a call for you to slow yourself down, to stop searching for endless distractions.”

Chapter 9

Push beyond your limits- Self Belief
“If you are dependent on their judgments for your sense of worth, then your ego will always be weak and fragile.”
“Understand: people will constantly attack you in life. One of their main weapons will be to instill in you doubts about yourself— your worth, your abilities, your potential. They will often disguise this as their objective opinion, but invariably it has a political purpose— they want to keep you down.”
Strategies for pushing past yours and society’s limits:
Defy all categories. Don’t let yourself be shunted into something where people can have expectations.
Constantly reinvent yourself. “Consistency is an illusion anyway— each passing day brings changes within you. You must not be afraid to express these evolutions.”
Subvert your patterns. “What often prevent us from using the mental fluidity and freedom that we naturally possess are the physical routines in our lives. We see the same people and do the same things, and our minds follow these patterns. The solution then is to break this up.”
Create a sense of destiny. “Having supreme confidence makes you fearless and persistent, allowing you to overcome obstacles that stop most people in their tracks. It makes others believe in you as well. And the most intense form of self-belief is to feel a sense of destiny impelling you forward.”
Bet on yourself. “You must always be prepared to place a bet on yourself, on your future, by heading in a direction that others seem to fear.”

Chapter 10

Confront your mortality- The Sublime
“He realized that the key in life is to always be willing to walk away. He was often surprised that in doing so, or even feeling that way, people would come back to him on his terms, now fearing what they might lose in the process. And if they didn’t return, then good riddance.”
“To accomplish this is remarkably simple. It is a matter of looking inward and seeing death as something that you carry within. It is a part of you that cannot be repressed. It does not mean that you brood about it, but that you have continual awareness of a reality that you come to embrace. You convert the terrified, denial-type relationship to death into something active and positive— finally released from pettiness, useless anxieties, and fearful, timid responses.”

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